The Internet provides access to a wide variety of dance notations for teachers needing to research a dance, or refresh their memory. This is a partial listing of some of those sources. Of course you will find some dance descriptions on multiple sites.

If you would like to add a source or any information below needs to be corrected, please contact the webmanager

Northern California Folk Dance Federation:

Southern California Folk Dance Federation:

Stockton Folk Dance Camp:

Miami Valley Folk Dancer:

The Dick Oakes Collection:

The Tom Deering Collection: (Bulgaria, Macedonia & Romania)

Bob Shapiro's Collection:

Andrew Carnie's Collection:

The Evansville Collection:

The Dunav Collection:

The Tom Masterson Folk Dance database: A database with over 100,000 entries, containing information about dances, types of dances, associated countries, dance descriptions, videos, sheet music, sources (record,tape,cassette,CD,DVD)